People who use portable electronic devices often want to store their data in a way that is portable. This is true especially for users of mobile phones, portable global positioning system (GPS) devices, and video and audio players and recorders. One of the primary formats for these portable memory sources is a microSD card, which is one of the smallest flash memory cards on the market.

The microSD card is about a quarter of the size of a standard SD card, but it can still be used with devices that have SD card slots by using a special adapter. Portable audio and video players feature SD card slots, and some of the latest models even have the smaller slots. When used in a mobile phone or portable GPS device, the card is typically embedded in the electronic device. Some mobile phones or GPS trackers have removable cards, but that feature is usually reserved for devices of a different nature, namely those that lend themselves to expandable and collapsible memory needs, like video and audio players.