Compatibility:microSD Card 128GB is designed for Android smartphones tablets camera smart watch DJI Drone Nintendo Nikon UHD video and other microSDHC compatible devices.

Speed:Great speed and Read Rate for Instant Viewing & Transfer (UHS-I / Class 10). Fast transfer speeds of up to 80MB/s;

5-protection:The micro SD card features with Water proof, temperature proof, shock proof, X ray proof and magnet proof.

Warranty:ADROITLARK micro sd card 128GB Class 10 Comes with lifetime warranty.




ADROITLARK microsd card 128GB for shooting photos, capturing videos, enjoying movies and musics, or sharing exciting moments with others.

ADROITLARK microSD card deliver ideal capacity, speed, durability and compatibility to exploit mobile devices' potentials. A Better Mobile Experience ADROITLARK SD memory card is designed for and compatible with your latest mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, action cams, drones, dash cams and etc. Our factory introduces patent technology to produce leading standard(USB3.0, UHS-I) flash memory card Ultra series, which provides extra speed over industry, sturdiness with standing extreme conditions.


About Capacity:

16 GB approximately 14 GB - 15 GB

32 GB approximately 28 GB - 30 GB

64 GB approximately 58 GB - 60 GB

128 GB approximately 118 GB - 120 GB

256 GB approximately 230 GB - 240 GB


Warm Tips:

Speed test

1)The speed shown on our link was tested by ADROITLARK professional instruments. For a good speed, it is recommended to use a 3.0 interface and card reader.

2)Speed is influenced by many different factors, including the interface, computer conditions, test software, systems.

3)If your test results in a low speed, try using another instrument (3.0 card reader). If you get the same low speed after testing with a different instrument, you can return the product to receive a full refund.

4)We promise that our products are all 100% original.


5-Proof protection

ADROITLARK microSD card 128GB class 10 has five durable protection functions to protect against waterproof design which can withstand seawater for up to 72 hours, shock resistance, extreme temperature, airport X - ray inspection machine, magnetic field corresponding to MRI scanner It is.

1 Waterproof performance

2 Up to 15,000 Gauss

3 X-ray photography up to 50 times

4 Operates in a temperature environment of -25 °C to 85 °C



Real Capacity: 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes, different from PC (1GB=1,073,741,824 bytes). Actual usable storage would be less than labeled ones. A portion of capacity may be used for system files and maintenance.


FAT32 (microSDHC 16GB-32GB)

exFAT (microSDXC 64GB-256GB)

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